How the Money Tunes Point to Financial Wellbeing

Have prosperity, peace of mind, and good money management

The Philosophy behind The Money Tunes

You Can Harmonize Your Relationship to Money

$ Find the hidden path from difficult money issues to easy money management
$ Let the power of intention clear out obstacles to your financial wellbeing
$ Hear the Secret of Life as it applies to Money
$ Experience the uplifting sound of the Bach C-256Hz and Mozart A-432Hz
$ Let toe-tapping fiddle music power lift your spirits above the worry zone

This unique presentation of inspired concept and lively fiddle music unleashes the Power of Intention, as described by Wayne Dyer and Esther Hicks:

  1. to attract subtle, beneficent influences
  2. to put you on track to freedom from money worry
  3. to release blocks in the way of your happiness and ease with money.

How does The Money Tunes presentation help you with attracting more wealth, prosperity and good money management? The secret to that is in the carefully crafted musical presentations.

The whole presentation describes an arc from not enough money through good cash flow and on to beyond money worry. You gain insight into several key areas that are vital to wealth and peace of mind.

And don’t forget! It’s entertaining. This is not dry and stuffy financial advice. It’s a celebration of American wisdom inherited from Ben Franklin, Napolean Hill and Earl Nightingale, among others.

The fiddle music selections come from the rich heritage of Irish fiddle tunes, with their hint of the pot of leprechaun gold, and American fiddling, with it’s share of Yankee ingenuity, flair and optimism.

This blend of elements–the Irish-American fiddle fusion, the Bach C-256 Hz and Mozart A-432Hz tuning, and happy fiddling makes you feel good. The presentation empowers you and helps you organize your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings for good money management.

The presentation goes through a complete, progressive ascension to increasing prosperity, and, finally, contentment beyond money.

The natural tuning of the Mozart A-432Hz harmonizes the subtle centers of the body for improved healing of physical, emotional, and mental issues.